Hi and welcome to Doccy

Running a small software development company my time is limited. Between meetings, running the company and also coding l have very little time especially for creating and sending documents.

I give you Doccy. The idea behind Doccy was to create a really simple way businesses could create and send documents and also share them with their team. Doccy allows you to take your existing documents and turn them into Doccy powered templates by simply replacing all the fields in your document like “insert name here” with {{ name }}.

Once your done doing that in your favourite editor like Microsoft Word or Pages then upload to Doccy and your ready to go.

You can then simply click on the “Use Template Button” and be presented a simple to use form instead of having to navigate your way through your document to be sure you changed every field.

template view

Below is an example of the form users are presented

Doccy document form

Once you have filled out the form hit the button and Doccy will merge in all your data the same as doing a mail merge.

From there you can choose to send or download the document and if you have connected your Dropbox account with Doccy a copy of the generated file will automatically be placed in Dropbox for you.

With Doccy you can spend all those hours previously spent creating documents on more productive things and like actual work or playing Foosball which ever you like.

Hope you enjoy Doccy and it makes your life simpler and easier and keep an eye out for new features coming soon.

Michael Cindric