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New features now live

We have been working away improving Doccy constantly and are proud to announce a number of new features and improvements.

  • The Doccy iPad application is launching on 11th November and will be available in the Apple iTunes Store for free.
  • We have improved the merging process to help with any issues of the placeholders not being replaced.
  • We have released our API for public use in your own applications as well as our partner program. For more information on our partner program email
  • Finally a number of UI changes to make it easier to use doccy.

So login or create and account today for free.

Better Microsoft Word support

We have been working hard to improve Doccy’s support of Microsoft Word templates. The issue is rather complex but mainly focuses on the way Word handles styling and other elements in its documents.

The great news is that we have a solution that is now live and customers can benefit from this with effort from them required, we take care of it all on the fly with our new improved merging engine working away in the background

Online mail merging with microsoft word

Gone are the days of doing Mail Merging using Microsoft Word, Apple Pages or OpenOffice. Doccy allows you to mail merge your documents now online in seconds for not just you but everyone in your team. Simply upload a document with Doccy placeholders for the fields you would like to merge your data into and you can in seconds create PDF documents with your personalised data in seconds ready to be sent, downloaded or sync’d to your DropBox account.

Doccy take the pain out of creating and maintaining your mail merge documents and provides you and your team with a single place to manage your documents allowing you to create documents on the fly without hassle leaving you to focus your time on more important tasks rather then creating documents

So reclaim your time now


Free account now available for Doccy

We have been working hard and Doccy now offers a Free account. Users have access to Doccy and its features for up to 1 template. After that they can simply upgrade to larger plan when they wish to upload more templates.

So you can still use Doccy to create personalized documents and have them sync with your Dropbox account or even email them directly from Doccy.



Doccy now PDF’s your documents automatically

Doccy now creates a PDF version of your documents. So once you have created a document with your personalised data we along with creating your personalised document also create a PDF version to be used as well.

You can download the PDF version by clicking the download PDF button which can be seen when viewing the document information in Doccy and in the image below

PDF buttons for documents

You can still download the original format of the document and sending the PDF in the doccy emails will be coming soon in the next few days

PDF versions of the documents are currently only available for Microsoft Word & Open Office Documents. We are working on Apple Pages conversion and are aiming to have this rolled out in the coming months

Automatically sync your documents to Dropbox with Doccy

Doccy integrates with Dropbox making it even easier to create and share documents with your team. Connecting to Dropbox is as simple as, login to Doccy and click the link as shown in the image below.

Dropbox sync


Once you authorise Doccy with your Dropbox account then every document you create in Doccy will be automatically sync’d with your Dropbox account. To find them just look for the Doccy folder in your Dropbox account.